Sydney’s Smallest Gallery

A microscopic view of an original (tiny!) painting by Rona Barugahare

… And now for something completely different.

Sydney’s Smallest Gallery opens this Friday as part of Art Month! I love this exhibition, it is just the coolest damned thing – designed and built on by an excellent trio: namely our captain Nat of Nauti Studios, along with the architectural skills of Steve and Michelle. Definitely do not miss out – it was a top pick last year and has already been featured by The Guardian again this year!

I am very, very privileged to have some tiny paintings on display, they were such fun to make! The first bunch I made, got lost on the bus and broke my heart but I did manage to capture some spectacular pictures of them (see above!). My place of work (day job) happens to have very high quality microscopes and we became curious to see what tiny paintings might look like at a microscopic level. The answer is – they look incredible, the pictures were taken fairly dodgily with a phone down the eye piece (the computer was down) and look great without even capturing the incredible amount of depth and texture that you get with your own eyes!

I am only just getting started with these tiny paintings, I do really love them – super excited to see what they look like on display on opening night!

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