Flourish – special merit award

Flourish by Rona Barugahare – Photography by Tom Dicker

I can’t believe it has been a year since I started participating in these competitions! I took part in the same ‘All Women’ competition with Light Space and Time last year and I was fortunate enough to win my first award with my very first fingerpainting – a special recognition award within the Painting Category.

Fast forward to today and I have performed a whole magnitude better in the same competition – a special recognition award for the exhibition overall (not within a category – my name is listed and everything)! I have to thank Light Space and Time for being so supportive, this kind of recognition is what encourages me to create new ideas and improve even further. They also offer quite a bit of advice for artists which is fantastic.

Flourish has just been listed for sale on Bluethumb – check it out!

Looking forward to seeing what happens next in 2017!

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