Pretty, pretty merchandise!

‘Splash’ detail – phone cover print – northern beaches, Sydney

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed one of my friends had one of my designs on her phone case! It looked so good that I had to take a picture (above). Also, I was super chuffed, I didn’t realise she had bought it (I thought just my sister had got some trial items leading to a sale) so it was a very nice surprise indeed.

It’s been quite a journey setting myself up on two custom print sites – Red Bubble and Society6. Lots to learn about file sizes and lots of patience required to gradually upload everything… I have found that my detail shots in particular work really well, I love them a lot.

If you have time I would love hear any feedback at all so I can improve the sites – or for those who have bought items (thank you loads!) please let me know about the quality of the materials!

Stay tuned – I have been quiet lately due to overseas travel and bridesmaid duties, but my next development is one that I am incredibly excited for!