Jewellery at the markets… and more!


I am so sorry I haven’t posted in a while but my goodness the jewellery has gone off!

I should have known but they have been extremely popular right before Christmas. I had my first market stall (Glebe) on the 10th December and worked hard to have a good range of pieces available for that – for a first time it went really well, supported by various friends and acquaintances.

All sorts of people have been buying the pendants and requesting a range of other things – earrings, lapel pins, tie clips, cuff links, bigger/smaller pendants and most importantly, sterling silver pieces (best for sensitive skin). I’ve been experimenting with all of these and have been very pleased with the results – the hardest part will be settling on just a few styles!

If you’d like to see what’s left after the Christmas madness, they’re all on Etsy and I will be putting the latest pieces up soon!

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