Photography by Tom Dicker

My obsession with the tiny paintings I made for Sydney’s Smallest Gallery has stayed with me. There is something magnificent about how grand the detail, colour interactions and texture is in micro scale – indeed some of the tiny paintings were online finalists in this year’s Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award!

The detail is particularly fascinating and you may recall I even looked at them under the microscope – which is something I am very keen to show members of the public one day as 2D images simply do not compare.

This obsession has resulted in the pendants you see above – half done, their texture and colours pop like nothing before. I lay clear resin over the top which adds another quality to their texture, whilst protecting them from dust and damage. I really love these and very excitedly have started selling them on Etsy – the first batch are almost gone already but I have plenty more in the pipeline!