Art Heist

art heist
Painting by Amy Withnall – click for more info

Many, many months ago now, Amy came to us with an idea – let’s put on an exhibition! Hire a space, have some fun – we all had various artistic hobbies going on, why not?

Paul, Tom and I all said yes, and so the adventure began.

We had the space booked for a week and spent some time brainstorming ideas for various other activities to make full use of the space. Slowly, it emerged that we liked one idea the most – an Art Heist.

Think of your typical escape room, but instead of trying to solve puzzles to get out – you’re trying to get in, steal an artwork and make it out. We only had space for 12 slots so tickets sold out instantly! See a review of the game here.

Months of planning, building, play testing and work later – the time has come.

The exhibition opens on Weds 17th February, at the Stirrup Gallery in Marrickville. The exhibition is open during the day 18-21st Feb (Thurs-Sun) with the heist game running after hours.

We have a diverse range of artworks on display so come along and check it out – I am incredibly proud of the quality of work we’ve all come up with!

The badass Art Heist team. Photography and design by Tom Dicker.

Special thanks to Nauti Studios without whom we could not have developed this event.

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