Thanks To The Mice


My day job is working as the Veterinary Manager at a medical research institute. We have an animal facility with a significant number of mice and I work with a team of dedicated animal care staff to make sure the mice are well looked after. Contrary to popular belief, an animal that is suffering does not lead to good research outcomes and so our efforts to keep the mice in a positive welfare state result in better treatments, preventions and understanding of diseases.


I (and many others) look forward to a day when animals are no longer necessary at all for medical research. Until that day comes, however, I am glad that there are people like myself and my team who have the compassion necessary for what we do, for the sake of the animals.

In memory of all the mice that have played a role in medical research discoveries, I painted this piece – ‘Thanks To The Mice’.

With eternal gratitude, for the human and animal lives saved and suffering eased worldwide as result.

Rona Barugahare

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